Naturally Fresh Herbal Attraction Quick-Clumping Formula

by Naturally Fresh
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  • Natural herbal blend attracts cats to litter box - helps minimize accidents around the house
  • Solid clumping for easy clean-up
  • Very effective neutralizing enzymes
  • Low tracking and virtually no dust
  • Up to 3x more absorbent than leading clay litters
  • No chemicals or toxins
  • 100% natural & biodegradable within one year
  • Available in 6.4kg / 14lb bags

If you're at the end of your rope with your cat's accidents around the house, Naturally Fresh Herbal Attraction Quick-Clumping Formula will provide you with a natural aid to those litter box issues. It contains a lightly scented mixture of natural herbs that have been proven to be effective for attracting cats to "do their business" in their litter box. This is a quick-clumping litter that offers excellent odour control and superior absorption. It is a completely natural formula that is walnut-based, low-tracking, and gives off little to no dust.  

Available in 6.4 kg / 14 lb bags.

How to Use:

  1. Fill your cat's clean litter box to a depth of approximately 3" of Naturally Fresh Quick-Clumping Litter.
  2. Remove waste clumps and solid waste daily with a scoop and discard.
  3. Add more litter, as needed, to maintain 3" depth.
  4. Clean and sanitize your cat's litter box every 30 days to maintain a fresh and healthy litter box for your cat.