Zootopia Cat Drinking Fountain

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  • Encourages cats to drink more water
  • Source of fresh, clean circulating water
  • Works to improve function of urinary tract & prevent crystal formation in urine
  • Double-sided filter traps debris & purifies water
  • Ergonomic design more comfortable for drinking
  • Replacement filters sold separately
  • Great for cats and small breed dogs
  • Fountain holds 2 L (67 fl. oz.)

The Zootopia Drinking Fountain will provide your cat with a constant, fresh source of filtered water. Cats tend to gravitate toward flowing water, as they would in the wild, because it is fresh and does not become stagnant. This fountain keeps the water circulating and encourages your cat to drink more water. As a result, it provides a host of health benefits, including the prevention of crystal formation and improvement of the urinary tract as a whole.

Each fountain includes a two-sided filter that cleans and freshens the water. The side with foam traps debris (i.e. fur, food, sediment) and keeps it from entering the circulating water. The other side contains activated carbon, which works to reduce foul tastes and odours as well as to absorb impurities in tap water. These filters must be changed consistently to ensure your pet's water stays fresh and clean. The elevated design of this fountain makes for a more ergonomic drinking position. It is appropriate for cats as well as small breed dogs. Holds up to 2 L (67 fl. oz.) of water. Purifying filters sold separately. Fountains measures 22 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm.