AFP Fairbanks Cat Sack

by All For Paws
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  • Provides a cozy, private place for cats
  • Makes crinkling noise
  • Small ball attached that makes bird noises
  • Great for play and relaxation
  • Measures approximately 40 x 48 x 6 cm
  • Available in three different colour combinations (Please allow us to select for you)

Most cats have an affinity for climbing inside bags and boxes (especially when you don't want them to!), so why not get kitty a bag of her own? The AFP Fairbanks Cat Sack will do just the trick. It is soft and cozy inside and can act as a comfortable, private bed for your cat. In addition to a peaceful place to relax, the Cat Sack can also add enjoyment to playtime because it makes a crackling sound when moved and has a ball that is attached to the sack with a string. When your cat plays with this, it will activate noises that sound like real birds. The sack measures approximately 40 x 48 x 6 cm.