Zoo Med Hydroballs

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  • Increases humidity
  • Excellent for live plants
  • Perfect for vivariums
  • Ideal for tropical species
  • Net Wt. 2.5lb
ZooMed Hydroballs are a lightweight expanded clay substrate for your terrarium. Use as a base layer under your terrarium substrate to create an underground water table and a natural terrarium setting.

Drainage Layer or Aquifer Instructions:

  • Rinse Hydroballs to remove dust.
  • Pour base layer (minimum 2 inches) of Hydroballs into your terrarium.
  • Add a a layer of mesh on top of the Hydroballs to prevent the top substrate from mixing in with the Hydroballs.
  • Add terrarium substrate of choice over the mesh.
  • Add dechlorinated water to create a natural aquifer.
  • If you would like to create a natural pond in your terrarium, vary the depth of the Hydroballs. Add water to the desired depth.

Waterfall Instructions:

  • Insert a small submersible pump into the rear corner of your terrarium, Connect a hose of the appropriate length to the pump that will direct the water to the desired location of the waterfall.
  • Follow the Drainage Layer Instructions (above).
  • Add a terrarium background to the back wall to hide the hose.
  • Run hose to the upper portion of your background, and through a hole. Plug in your pump, and the water will flow down your background, through the substrate, and back into the Hydroballs aquifer. Enjoy!