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About Ziwi Peak Dog Food

Conveniently Nutritious

All Ziwi Peak foods are nutrient-dense and highly digestible. The animal protein and calorie content allow for a lower cost per feeding than traditional raw and freeze-dried foods, while still providing the same raw nutrition in an easy to feed format.

Meat-Rich Formulas

Air-dried foods are made using 96% meat, organ, and bone to provide all of your pet's essential amino acids. This includes 3% green-lipped mussel, a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, and 7% green tripe to aid in digestion.
Only What's Needed The short ingredient list makes it easy to customize your pet's diet to suit their needs, manage weight, and avoid allergens and sensitivities.
Canned Complement Using the same highly-nutritious formulas as their air-dried diets, Ziwi Peak canned meals are free of BPA and artificial preservatives or thickeners.

Quality Treats and Chews

Ziwi Peak treats are crafted using the same air-drying techniques as their foods, retaining flavour, nutrition, and texture, while eliminating bacteria and pathogens. Treats are safe for cats too!