Zilla Terrarium Liner - Green

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  • Helps keep habitat clean & fresh
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Very absorbent
  • Works to eliminate odours
  • Available in a variety of sizes

The Zilla Green Terrarium Liner is a safe, absorbent option for reptile terrariums of all shapes and sizes. The material is soft so it will not irritate more sensitive reptiles. It is also easy to clean and contains a biodegradable enzyme that works to reduce odours that reptiles inevitably will produce. These liners are perfect both for beginning reptile owners as well as more experienced owners and will help keep the habitat healthy and fresh.

Zilla Terrarium Liners are also easy to use - simply roll out the liner and cut it to the size that you need. When it comes time to clean the habitat, the liner can be removed, rinsed with cold tap water, and reused. Available in a variety of sizes. Brown liners shown in picture above are sold separately. See liner dimensions under the Specifications tab.

Recommended Terrarium Size Liner Dimensions
10 Gallon 10" x 20"
15/20 Gallon 12" x 24"
29 Gallon 12" x 30"
30 Gallon 12" x 36"
40/50 Gallon 18" x 36"
55 Gallon 12" x 48"
75 Gallon 18" x 48"
125 Gallon 18" x 71"