Zilla Desert Blend Substrate

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  • 100% natural, uniformly-ground walnut shells
  • Encourages natural burrowing & digging instincts
  • Ideal for reptiles that love warm, dry climates (skinks, uromastyx, monitors, bearded dragons)
  • Safe alternative to sand substrates
  • Gives any terrarium an attractive, desert-like appearance
  • Available in a variety of bag sizes

Zilla Desert Blend Substrate is ideal for pets that like warm, dry climates, such as bearded dragons, monitors, skinks, and uromastyx. It is made entirely with uniformly-ground English walnut shells, which work well to retain and conduct heat. It is a safe alternative to sand substrates and is not easily inhaled. It will give a natural, desert-like effect to any terrarium and will encourage reptiles' natural instincts to dig and burrow.

Available in a variety of bag sizes. Can be composted with regular yard waste. Made in the U.S.A.