Zilla Medium Terraced Dish

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  • Shallow steps make it easy to access food and water
  • Steps in and out of the dish
  • Natural rock look 
  • Easy clean finish
  • Resistant to natural bacteria build up

The Zilla Medium Terraced Dish can be used as a reptile water or food dish.

The Terraced dish has a realistic rock look that easily blends in to any terrarium environment. Shallow steps make it easy for your turtle, reptile, or amphibian to access the food or water in the dish. Clean up is easy, with a finish that cleans better than natural rock and resists natural bacterial growth.

Built durable and with a heavy foundation, so larger reptiles are not able to tip and spill the contents. The Medium Terraced Dish is a very natural addition to your terrarium.

Size: 20 cm x 17 cm x 4 cm (8"x 6¾"x 1?????????")