West Paw Design Tizzi Dog Toy - Granny Smith

by West Paw Design
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  • Made from 100% recyclable material
  • Rated three out of five on their durability scale
  • 100% Guaranteed Tough
  • Multi purpose toy
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Latex-free, BPA & Phthalate free. non-toxic
  • FDA compliant, 
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in small and large sizes
West Paw Design Tizzi Dog Toy is a multifunctional toy for those dogs who love their toss and tug toys. While the handles are free, the toy can be thrown, tugged and bounced around. When the handles are locked, it allows the toy to be thrown farther and locks any treats that are concealed inside of it, the unique shape of the toy allows for erratic bouncing and a wild spin when thrown and floats in the water.
Made from 100% recyclable Zogoflex material, Rated three out of five in durability and backed by West Paw's 100% Guaranteed tough will put your mind at ease if your dog gets too destructive with this toy.
Latex-free, BPA & Phthalate free, non-toxic as well as FDA compliant. Made in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Available in 5 cm x 11.4 cm (2" x 4.5") small and a 7.6 cm x 17.7 cm (3" x 7") large tizzi.