Ware Mini Nature Ball & Bell 5 cm (2"")

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  • All natural ball made of sisal
  • Playtime bell embedded inside the ball
  • Safe toy to chew and play with
  • Provides an enriching, healthy activity
  • Helps prevent cage boredom

Treat your small pet to some all natural fun with the 5 cm (2") Nature Ball & Bell.

The 2" ball is made of sisal and comes with a playtime bell inside. Your small pets will love rolling, tossing and nibbling at the ball. When you nudge the ball, it rings adding even more excitement.

The Nature Ball with bell is a safe toy that's fun to chew and play with at the same time. Toys encourage healthy activity and help relieve cage boredom for rabbits and other small animals.


  • If the Nature Ball unravels, becomes worn, or over-chewed, be sure to discard and replace with a new Nature Ball.
  • Unwound fibres can potentially tangle around feet or toes.