Ware Hay Ball with Bell

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  • Durable, chew-proof ball feeder
  • Attached buffet bell to make eating fun
  • Prevents contaminated food and reduces food waste
  • Clips easily to any cage
  • A healthy and sanitary way to feed hay and veggies

The Ware Metal Hay Ball with Bell is chew-proof and is a useful addition to any small animal cage to help reduce food waste.

The Hay Ball is simple to use - just fill it up with vegetables or hay. The ball will hold the treats, giving your pet easy access to its fresh food and keeping the food from falling to the bottom of the cage and becoming contaminated. This keeps the cage clean and reduces the amount of wasted food.

To make eating fun, a buffet bell is attached to the ball and rings when your pet eats. That way you know how much and how often they are eating, which helps you understand eating patterns and preferences. The Hay Ball is made of metal and is powder-coated for chew proof durability. It clips easily to any cage.

Size: 21.6 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (8.5"x 4"x 4")