Critter Ware Treat-K-Bob

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  • Easy to install and load
  • Provides a sanitary space to hold a variety of treats
  • Fits pre-drilled food, wood, mineral and toy treats
  • Prevents treats from being soiled
  • Encourages play and activity
  • Promotes healthy, trimmed teeth
  • Prevents cage boredom
  • Includes 3 free wood chews and playtime bell

The Critter Ware Treat-K-Bob is a safe, clean and fun treat dispenser for small animals.

Designed with special rods that unhook and are able to hold a number of wood, mineral, toy and food treats for your pet. The Treat-K-Bob attaches easily to any wire cage and holds a variety of pre-drilled treat in place.

This Treat-K-Bob comes with 3 free wood chews and has a dinner bell to make playtime even more fun. Wood treats help clean, condition and trim small animal teeth. Treat-K-Bobs are sanitary, keep your treats from being soiled and encourage play, which is healthy and enriching for small animals.

Size:  23 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm (9"x 2"x 2")

Treat-K-Bob treat dispenser 1-2-3:

Step 1 - Unscrew the bell.

Step 2 - Place a variety of pre-drilled wood chews, salt, mineral or toy treats on the K-Bob.

Step 3 - Replace the bell and hang in your pet habitat.

Providing a variety of mineral, wood, salt and toy chews encourage natural activity, help clean and trim teeth, and help small animals overcome cage boredom.