Critter Ware Jumbo Hang-N-Hammock

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  • Durable fleece sleeper
  • Safe, no foam construction
  • Attaches to any cage easily with provided nylon straps and clips
  • Added play, rest and hiding space
  • Great for bigger or multiple pet habitats

The Critter Ware Jumbo Hang-N-Hammock is a double fleece sleeper for larger pet habitats.

This safe Jumbo Hammock comes with nylon straps and clips to make it easy to attach to any cage. Your pets, like a whole family of ferrets, could hide and rest in this jumbo space. Made of washable fleece, the Jumbo Hammock, is soft and foam free.

This is a perfect addition for ferret, rabbit, chinchilla, pet rat and other small animal habitats.

61 cm x 43.25 cm x 1.27 cm (24"x 17" x 0.5")

Washing Instructions:

  • Hand wash and tumble dry with no heat.
  • Discontinue use and replace Jumbo Hang-N-Hammock if it becomes damaged or worn.