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  1. Vital Essentials Raw Bar Dog Treats - Duck Heart
    Vital Essentials Raw Bar Dog Treats - Duck Heart
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Vital Essentials Dog and Cat Treats FAQs

What are Vital Essentials dog and cat treats?

Vital Essentials dog and cat treats are natural and minimally processed treats made from high-quality, raw animal proteins that are sourced from USDA-inspected facilities.

What types of treats does Vital Essentials offer?

Vital Essentials offers a wide variety of dog and cat treats, including freeze-dried meat treats, rawhide alternatives, dental chews, and jerky treats.

Are Vital Essentials treats safe for pets to eat?

Yes, Vital Essentials treats are generally considered safe for pets to eat when used as directed. The company uses high-quality, human-grade ingredients and avoids using fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavours or colours.

Where are Vital Essentials treats made?

Vital Essentials treats are made in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.

Are Vital Essentials treats suitable for pets with allergies or dietary restrictions?

Yes, Vital Essentials offers a variety of limited-ingredient and grain-free treats that may be suitable for pets with allergies or dietary restrictions. It's always recommended to check the ingredient list and consult with your veterinarian before introducing new treats into your pet's diet.

Where can I purchase Vital Essentials treats?

Shop Vital Essentials pet treats Canada-wide at Homes Alive Pets. Check out our selection of freeze-dried treats, natural chews and Vital Essential Raw Bar pet snacks.