Vesper V-Line Cat Furniture - V-Cube

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  • Futuristic, stylish cube cave
  • Replaceable sisal scratching pads
  • Soft memory foam cushion made of canvas
  • Powder-coated silver metallic steel frame
  • Base measures 52 cm (20.4") x 52 cm (20.4")
  • Measures 63 cm (24.8") tall
  • Available in banana leaf and seaweed
  • Easy to assemble. All necessary tools included.

The Vesper V-Line Cat Furniture - V-Cube has a very fun, funky look but that is still nice and cozy for your kitty. This cube has a classy, powder-coated metallic tube steel frame and the cube itself is made of either banana leaf or seaweed, depending on your preference.

It has a replaceable scratching mat that is secured to the frame with leather straps and there is a comfortable, neutral-coloured memory foam cushion inside the cube.

The base of the V-Cube measures 52 cm x 52 cm (20.4" x 20.4") and it measures 63 cm (24.8"). Minimal assembly is required. All necessary tools included. Available in banana leaf and seaweed.

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