Tuffy Dog Toys

Tuffy toys are some of the toughest dog toys on the market. Unlike many other "tough" dog toys, Tuffy's design includes up to four layers of materials as well as up to seven rows of stitching to resists even the toughest chewers. Their durability scale gives customers a rating system for how tough each individual toy is when put to the test of an appropriately-sized dog. Although these toys are extremely "tuff", they're still soft on a dog's mouth. Tuffy toys come in all kinds of fun shapes, crazy creatures, and unique designs.

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    Tuffy's brand dog toys include their DuraForce, Mighty and classic Tuffy's line. This brand is run by pet lovers, so they know how to create tough toys that will withstand your pups powerful jaws.

    Their toys use a durability scale, with 10 being the toughest. If your dog likes to tear toys apart, we would suggest a toy with more rounded seams so that it is more difficult for them to get ahold of a corner and tear into the toy. Tuffy dog toys are among the toughest plush toys available on the market.