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About The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Taste the Proof

Honest kitchen diets are extremely palatable and are great for picky pets. When you open up a box of Honest Kitchen, you'll be surprised at how good it smells. Though these foods are dehydrated, they are not raw. All meals are gently poached to retain flavour, digestibility and nutrients, as well as eliminate pathogens commonly found in raw meat.

Simple Preparation

Meals are easy to prepare. Just add warm water, stir, and serve. The finely ground texture allows for easy absorption and digestion, and Honest Kitchen meals can be pre-made and either refrigerated for up to 3 days or frozen and defrosted when needed.

The Honest Nutrition

Taste Testers Single serving cups are convenient for taste tests, travel, and quick feedings.
Sensitive Options Try a limited ingredient diet for allergies and sensitive digestion.
Total Body Health Both grain free and grain friendly options are formulated to support skin + coat and digestion for dogs of any age, size, or breed.
Custom Nutrition For home prepared meals, try Honest Kitchens Base Mixes. Customize each meal for your unique dog.