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Stella & Chewy’s

The origins of Stella & Chewy's recipes started in a Manhattan kitchen in 2003. After watching her own pets thrive off of a homemade raw food diet, founder Marie Moody became passionate about sharing this style of eating with other pet owners. She developed Stella & Chewy’s to provide dogs and cats with a nourishing food that replicates what they would find in the wild.

Today, Stella & Chewy's has evolved into a popular brand that pet-owners can trust and pets love! They make feeding your pet a raw food diet easy, safe and convenient. Each minimally processed recipe is produced by cold pressing the ingredients at extremely low temperatures. This helps to preserve the original nutrients, while also neutralizing potentially harmful bacteria.

Homes Alive Pets offers a variety of Stella & Chewy’s food for dogs and cats. Their Freeze-Dried Dinner Patties and Meal Mixer recipes have high protein levels that can be attributed to real meats, including nutrient-dense organs and bone from sources such as grass-fed beef and lamb, wild-caught salmon, and cage-free duck and turkey. The produce they use is 100% organic and all recipes have excluded grains completely to make a wholesome, balanced food for dogs and cats of any breed or life stage.

Another doggo and dog-parent favourite is Stella & Chewy’s dog treats. They apply the same organic, nutrition-based standards to their raw freeze-dried treats. Available in a number of different textures, like crunchy biscuits, training treats,and Wild Weenies, as well as flavours, including cage-free chicken and turkey, beef, and bacon, your dog will be doing backflips for these mouth-watering treats.

While Homes Alive only offers Stella & Chewy's frozen pet foods in-store, you can find a wide selection of freeze-dried dog food that can be used as a stand-alone diet or to supplement your dog’s or cat’s meals with a tasty and nutritional raw boost.