Sentry Calming Dog Collar

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  • Natural pheromone-releasing collar
  • Helps calm cats of all ages and breeds
  • Clinically proven to reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviours caused by stress
  • Gives off subtle, calming fragrance of lavender & chamomile
  • Each collar is safe & effective to use for 30 days
  • Package contains 1 collar

Sentry Calming Dog Collars provide a simple and safe solution to calm dogs' stress and anxiety. While wearing this collar, dogs are exposed to calming pheromones which mimic the natural pheromones that a mother dog would give off to soothe her young puppies. The collars let off a subtle fragrance of chamomile and lavender, which produce a sense of calm and security in dogs.

Dogs will often act out as a result of stress or anxiety with negative behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing, or marking. These collars have been clinically proven to calm dogs and reduce stress that may be caused by loud noises (i.e. fireworks, thunderstorms), travel, or significant changes to the physical or social environment, and, as a result, reduce or eliminate the unwanted behaviours.

Each package contains 1 calming collar which can be worn for 30 days without any long-term side effects. They are safe to use on all breeds and life stages.

Pheromones, Inert Ingredients.