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  1. Ruffwear Brush Guard Harness Add-On
    Ruffwear Brush Guard Harness Add-On
    Starting From: $31.99 Our Price: $31.99
  2. Ruffwear SwitchBak Dog Harness
    Ruffwear SwitchBak Dog Harness
    Starting From: $74.99 Our Price: $74.99
  3. Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack
    Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack
    Starting From: $85.99 Our Price: $85.99
  4. Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack
    Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack
    Starting From: $171.99 Our Price: $171.99
  5. Ruffwear Home Trail Hip Pack
    Ruffwear Home Trail Hip Pack
    Starting From: $48.99 Our Price: $48.99
  6. Ruffwear Trail Runner Running Belt
    Ruffwear Trail Runner Running Belt
    Starting From: $42.99 Our Price: $42.99

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Ruffwear Dog Backpacks in Canada

Hit the trails in style with a Ruffwear dog backpack as you head out on your next outdoor adventure with your canine buddy. A Ruffwear backpack lets Fido carry his own dog gear when camping or hiking. Choose from popular options like the Front Range Day Pack, the Palisades Pack, or the versatile Switchbak Harness Pack.

When making a list of dog gear for your outdoor adventure, you’ll want to include a Ruffwear Dog Backpack as a must-have. With the Ruffwear dog backpack, your canine companion can carry small items like an extra leash, water bottle, toy, or dog treats on any outdoor adventure.

The Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack is suitable for a day outing or overnight. It features radial cut saddlebags that have a passive compression system so your dog can easily carry the load over the shoulders. The saddlebags rest across an integrated harness for added stability and comfort. The lightweight, breathable material fits your dog’s form comfortably.

Ruffwear Packs for Hiking with Dogs

With the Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack your furry friend can effortlessly carry gear due to the fact that you can head into the backcountry with sufficient gear for the adventure. The pack’s high-volume design and cross-load compression system build lets your dog securely and easily carry a multitude of items.

With multiple compartments, you can easily pack your dog's sleeping bag and food. There are even two collapsible hydration bladders within the pack. The saddlebags are also easy to remove from the harness once you pitch camp and it's time to let Fido run around and play.

Ruffwear Backpack Harness

For shorter treks and day hikes, a backpack harness combo, like the Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness, allows you to pack just the essential walking and hiking gear to lighten your load. As a fully functional front clip harness, this pack is suitable for dogs that pull.

This Ruffwear backpack harness is perfect for day hikes and long walks and helps free up your pockets by allowing your dog to carry small items like dog poop bags, training treats, keys and other items that can make your dog hike safer and easier.

Buy Ruffwear Backpacks Online

A Ruffwear dog pack is a must-have if you plan on spending a night under the stars with your canine companion or are planning an extended outdoor trek. Find a dog backpack that fits your pup’s size and shape in the Ruffwear dog backpack line. Shop All Ruffwear Dog Performance Gear.

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