Ruffwear Quick Draw Dog Leash

by Ruffwear
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  • Compact leash - wraps around your dog's collar 
  • Made from Tubelock webbing with reflective trim
  • Lockable Swivel Crux Clip for a comfortable, secure leash to collar attachment
  • Carry less items when in off-leash zones
  • Moulded hook-and-loop closure - debris resistant and keeps it secure when acting as a collar
  • Great to use while at an off-leash park or on trails
  • Available only in one size, suitable for neck sizes 14-22 inches

The Ruffwear Quick Draw Dog Leash will make you feel more secure and confident when walking your dog off-leash. Made from Tubelock webbing with reflective trim, this unique leash attaches to your dog's collar using a lockable swivel crux clip and wraps around your dog's collar providing a quick-grab leash when needed. So, when it is time to leave the off-leash park or if you need to quickly regain control of your dog the brightly coloured grab tab located on the quick draw can be pulled and it swiftly unwraps from the collar into a short leash. The moulded hook-and-loop closure protects from debris and keeps the quick draw secure when being used as a collar. 

The Quick Draw Dog Leash is available only in one size, suitable for neck sizes 36-56 cm (14-22 inches) and is excellent to use with Ruffwear's Crag or Top Rope Collar. Please see the specifications tab for more information.

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Product Dimensions

Neck Size (As a Collar) 36-56 cm (14-22")
Length (As a Leash) 51-69 cm (20-27")

Washing Instructions

Hand wash product with mild detergent and allow it to air dry.