Royal Canin Dog Food

Scientifically Tailored Nutrition
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Royal Canin Dog Food

If you’re looking for the right dog food for your new puppy or have decided to switch up your adult dog’s diet, Royal Canin is a premium brand that’s a great choice! Since the late 1960s, Royal Canin has been dedicated to providing nutrition-based dry kibble recipes that are tailored to help dogs live long, healthy and active lives.

Homes Alive Pets offers a wide variety of Royal Canin dog foods, including their breed, size, and lifestage specific formulas. Whether you have a Boxer with hip and joint problems or a Yorkshire Terrier that is fit as a fiddle, Royal Canin likely has a formula that will suit your dog's individual needs and health requirements.

Are you the pet-parent of an adult active German Shepard? Royal Canin Dog Food for German Shepards is scientifically tailored for his breed and will deliver all of the nutrients he needs to thrive. Do you have a playful Chihuahua four-legged friend at home? Royal Canin Dog Food for Chihuahuas is perfect for your rambunctious pet.

Does your adult dog need a little assistance managing his weight? Royal Canin Maxi Weight Care Dog Food is made with specific ingredients that help burn fat, tone muscles and suppress his appetite. Royal Canin Dental Care for Large Breeds, for Medium Breeds, and for Small Breeds are perfect for dogs with dental sensitivities and to help keep their pearly whites clean!

Using a scientific approach to formulate recipes, Royal Canin has created a prime selection of dog foods to provide the delicious flavour, nutrients, and energy every dog craves.