Rollover was created in 1988, when a native from New Zealand moved to High River, Alberta, and brought her experience with semi-moist dog food rolls with her. She introduced the idea within Canada and it took off right away. Rollover dog food rolls help to boost the energy and overall health in dogs, so why wouldn't they be a popular alternative to dry kibble?

Rollover has since expanded into all-natural dog treats and chews, including their meat-stuffed beef bones and crunchy biscuits.

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    Rollover FAQs

    What is Rollover and what type of pet products do they offer?

    Rollover is a Canadian pet food and treat company that offers a variety of high-quality dog food rolls, bones, and chews made from locally-sourced ingredients.

    What are Rollover dog food rolls made of?

    Rollover dog food rolls are made of human-grade meat, vegetables, and whole grains. They are free of artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours.

    How long do Rollover dog food rolls last?

    Rollover dog food rolls can last up to six months when properly stored in the freezer. Once thawed, they should be refrigerated and used within five days.

    What types of bones and chews does Rollover offer?

    Rollover offers a variety of natural bones and chews, including beef pizzle, lamb ears, and beef lung. They are all-natural, single-ingredient treats that are free from additives, preservatives, and chemicals.

    Where are Rollover products made?

    Rollover products are made in their own facility located in High River, Alberta, Canada.

    Are Rollover products safe for all dogs?

    While Rollover products are generally safe for most dogs, it is important to monitor your pet while they are eating any new treat or food item. If your dog has a history of digestive issues or allergies, it is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian before introducing new products into their diet.