Rogz NightCat Breakaway Cat Collar - Orange

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  • Reflective graphic ribbon stitched onto durable orange nylon webbing
  • Breakaway buckle with adjustable SafeLoc technology for quick escape
  • Lightweight, durable metal ring with bell
  • Can attach ID tag or leash
  • Available in one size only
  • Neck Size: Adjustable 8"-12"

The Rogz NightCat Breakaway Cat Collar collection is both fun and functional. Each collar features reflective ribbon that makes your cat easily visible in the dark. This collar has a silver reflective ribbon with black and orange birds stitched onto durable orange nylon webbing.

Rogz breakaway cat collars have a bell on a lightweight ring as well as adjustable Safeloc technology on the buckle to ensure your cat does not easily slip it off. However, if it gets snagged on something, the breakaway buckle will release so your cat can escape when necessary.

This collar will fit neck sizes 20 - 31 cm (8" - 12"). The webbing measures 1.1 cm (3/8") wide.