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  1. Puppy Cake Hoggin' Dog Ice Cream Mix - Peanut
    Puppy Cake Hoggin' Dog Ice Cream Mix - Peanut
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Puppy Cake FAQs

What is Puppy Cake, and what products do they offer?

Puppy Cake is a company that produces all-natural, homemade dog treats, cakes, and mix kits. They have a range of flavours and product types, including birthday cakes, ice cream, and peanut butter cookies.

Are Puppy Cake products safe for dogs to eat?

Yes, all of the ingredients in Puppy Cake products are dog-safe and carefully chosen to ensure that they are healthy and nutritious for dogs.

Do Puppy Cake products contain any artificial colours or flavours?

No, Puppy Cake products are made with all-natural ingredients without artificial colours or flavours.

Where are Puppy Cake products made?

Puppy Cake products are made in the United States.

Are Puppy Cake products suitable for dogs with allergies?

Puppy Cake products are made with simple, high-quality ingredients and do not contain any common allergens such as wheat, soy, or corn. However, if your dog has specific allergies, checking the ingredient list before purchasing is always best.

Can I purchase Puppy Cake products online?

Yes, Puppy Cake products are available for purchase at Homes Alive Pets.