Prevue Pet E-Z Roller Exercise Wheel 28 cm (11"")

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  • Safe wire mesh running area
  • Won't catch tails and feet
  • Durable wire frame and design
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Promotes healthy activity and exercise for guinea pigs and ferrets

Prevue Pet E-Z Roller Exercise Wheel 28 cm (11") is a wire mesh exercise wheel for guinea pigs and ferrets.

Built with durability and safety in mind, this exercise wheel will give you peace of mind that your pet is active and safe at the same time. The unique mesh design is there to stimulate activity and prevent your pet's feet and tail from being trapped while running. The wheel moves whisper quiet on a metal frame or can be hung securely on wire cages.

Help your small animal get active and stay healthy with the E-Z Roller Exercise Wheel. The 11" E-Z Roller Exercise Wheel is a perfect size for guinea pigs and ferrets.

  • Assorted colors.
  • Size: 31.75 cm x 29.9 cm x 17 cm (12.5"x 11.75"x 6.75")