Your Dog’s Good Health Starts with Clean Paws

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  1. Pawz Boots - Tiny
    Pawz Rubber Dog Boots
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About Pawz Dog Boots

Provide Year-Round Protection

PawZ boots keep your dog’s paws safe and comfortable year round, from ice and snow, street chemicals, as well as on hot pavement or sand.
Keep your home clean by avoiding the mess from getting tracked inside. Simply remove the boots from your dog’s paws before he comes into the house.
Keep your pet safe & healthy with PawZ boots. Your dog’s paws will be safe from potentially harmful chemicals, dirt, and allergens that may be ingested or spread throughout your living space.

PawZ Features

Natural Feel PawZ boots slide on easily and have a comfortable, snug fit. The thin rubber allows your dog to feel the ground and also provides traction on hard or slippery surfaces.
Disposable PawZ boots are made of all-natural rubber, which makes them 100% biodegradable (and recyclable, too).
Reusable The durable rubber material lasts for multiple uses. Each pack contains 12 individual rubber boots.
Waterproof PawZ dog boots are designed to withstand the elements, including ice and snow, without letting moisture inside.