Oxbow Timothy Bungalow Large

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  • Made of All-Natural Timothy Hay
  • Enriching addition to your pet's environment
  • Hand Woven
  • 100% Edible
  • Safe for small pets
  • Has no wire or thread

The Large Oxbow Timothy Bungalow is hand woven and made of 100% timothy hay, an all-natural, edible product.

The all-grass bungalow gives your small animal a new place to rest or relax, both inside or outside their habitat. With an edible construction, the bungalow becomes an enrichment and a snack that can be added to your pet's environment. Timothy hay provides the high fibre your small animal needs and craves the natural chewing instinct. The Timothy Bungalow has no wire, or threads that your pet could ingest and has no added chemicals.

Your small animal will love this enriching bungalow.

  • Large Bungalow 
  • Size:  29 cm x 29 cm x 22.5 cm (12"x 12"x 9") shipping weight 7.8

The Timothy Club Process:

  • 100% Natural Timothy Hay is harvested (no chemicals added)
  • Hay is carefully dried which retains colour and scent
  • Bundles are hand selected and sorted
  • Hay is rolled and softened by hand to correct thickness
  • Timothy Hay is woven by hand
  • After woven the hay is dried to disinfect
  • Finished product is stored in climate controlled rooms to maintain quality

Use and Care Instructions:

  • Wash with cool water if needed.
  • Dry in sunlight only


  • High-fiber 100% Timothy Hay
  • Preservative and additive free

Guaranteed Analysis:

Fibre 34.1%
Protein 5.0%
Fat 1.0%