Oxbow Alfalfa Hay

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  • 100% Alfalfa Hay free from preservatives and additives
  • Contains the same high fiber as grass hays, but has more protein, calcium and energy
  • Ideal for young or lactating animals
  • Rich taste helps stimulate appetite for ill or post-surgical animals
  • Can be used as a treat for adult small animals
  • Net Wt. 425 g (15 oz.)

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay is a concentrated and highly nutritious hay; with high fiber, protein, energy and calcium; making it ideal for young, growing or lactating animals. Alfalfa contains more protein, digestible energy and calcium than other forage and has the fiber needed for optimum digestive functioning. 

Alfalfa contains important minerals; like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc and selenium and can be mixed with other grass hays to create a rich, nutritional treat. Once an animal reaches adulthood or recovers from illness, this nutritious forage should be converted to a grass hay.

Small Animals that Eat Hay: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Degus and others

Small Animals that Nest or Play in Hay: Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, and others

Alfalfa Feeding Directions:

  • Growing Animals under 6 months can have unlimited amounts of Alfalfa, plus free choice grass hay.
  • Mature Animals can have occasional small amounts of Alfalfa.
  • Nursing Females can have unlimited amounts of Alfalfa and the addition of free choice grass hay.
  • Alfalfa Hay has a higher protein and calcium content so should be offered carefully to mature rabbits, guinea pigs,chinchillas, and prairie dogs.
  • Alfalfa Hay can be used for animals to gain weight.
  • Alfalfa Hay used in small amounts, can be used as an appetite stimulant animals when needed.
  • Small animal (under 6 months) like; rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas can be given Alfalfa Hay daily.
  • An animal should gradually transition to 100% grass hay after six months.

How much do I feed daily?

  • Growing animals can be fed Alfalfa Hay for up to 25% of their total dietary intake. 
  • Mature or Adult animals should just receive a SMALL pinch as a treat.

Oxbow Alfalfa Ingredients

100% Alfalfa Hay. Preservative and additive free.
Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein min 16.00%
Crude Fat min 1.50%
Crude Fiber max 32.00%
Moisture max 15.00%