Nutrafin Waste Control

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  • Made in Canada Made in Canada
  • Quickly reduces organic waste
  • Great for use in heavily populated, or heavily planted aquariums that make physical removal of organic waste difficult or impossible
  • Reduces Aquarium Maintenance
  • Digests waste in filters, gravel and other aquarium surfaces
  • Supports Healthy Aquarium Conditions

Nutrafin Waste Control Biological Cleaner consumes visible organic waste and effectively supports biological filtration in your aquarium.

For New Aquariums & Maintenance:

5 mL per 10 U.S. Gallons
Repeat every 7 days for best results
Waste Build-Up: Initial Dose
10 mL per 10 U.S. Gallons
NOTE: Whenever Waste Control is used, Nutrafin Cycle must also be used to prevent unwanted build up of ammonia and nitrite. Always monitor water conditions with a Nutrafin Test Kit.
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