Nutrafin pH Adjust Down

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  • pH Decreaser
  • Contains no phosphates
  • For freshwater use only
  • Available in 100 ml bottle

Nutrafin pH Adjust Down safely decreases pH using a buffer that controls and stabilizes the rate at which pH is lowered. The reduction of pH benefits fish and plant species that prefer acidic environments. The many species of tetras, South American cichlids, barbs, loaches, rasboras and others will exhibit superior colouration and behaviour when kept at appropriate pH values.


  • 1 drop per 3.78 L (1 U.S. gal)

* Use a Nutrafin pH Test Kit to determine the pH of aquarium water before adding product. After adding pH Adjust down, test pH to determine if the desired pH has been achieved. If you need more than 1 drop to reduce pH, this may indicate elevated Carbonate Hardness (KH) levels

Never bring the pH down by more than 0.5 in any 24 hour period.