Nature's Miracle Easy Care Crystal Cat Litter

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  • 100% silica crystals that absorb & lock in moisture
  • Long-lasting, ultra-absorbent litter
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Eliminates odours from feces, urine & ammonia
  • 99% dust-free, 100% clay-free
  • Ideal for multi-cat, high traffic litter boxes
  • Safe and non-toxic for in-home use
  • Available in 8 lb. bag

Nature's Miracle Easy Care Crystal Cat Litter is made of 100% natural silica and is ideal for controlling moisture and odour in a multi-cat litter box. The unique silica crystals are ultra absorbent and keep the moisture in to reduce and virtually eliminate odours from feces, ammonia, and urine. The silica crystals are long-lasting and require less frequent litter pan changes than with many other litters.

Because the crystals absorb all of the liquid waste, you will not need to scoop out urine and the crystals will not stick to the bottom of the litter pan. This Easy Care Formula is clay-free, 99% dust-free, and completely safe for in-home use. It's easy to use and maintain and stays smelling fresh longer.

All Nature's Miracle litters are flushable and safe for septic tanks in small quantities but we recommend disposing of all litter in the trash as each septic system is different. Available in 8 lb. bag.


  • Fill litter box with 2”- 3” of Nature's Miracle litter.
  • Scoop out clumps and remove waste as necessary and lightly stir crystals to keep the litter box smelling fresh.
  • If necessary, add more litter to maintain 2"-3" depth.
  • When crystals becomes completely saturated, empty the litter box completely, wash with water and gentle soap. Dry the box and refill it with fresh crystals.
  • Always wash hands thoroughly after handling litter box.


Please Note:

  • Some cats are more picky about the litter they use and may need to be transitioned slowly to a new litter. To do this, gradually mix Nature's Miracle Litter into current litter in increasing amounts until fully transitioned.
  • NOTE TO PREGNANT WOMEN AND IMMUNE-SUPPRESSED INDIVIDUALS: Cat feces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis that can be harmful. Please always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used litter.

100% clay-free silica

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