My Intelligent Pet Interactive Dog Toy - Smile

by My Intelligent Pet
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  • Wooden puzzle dog toy
  • Adjustable difficulty 
  • Made with certified wood with a human and pet safe water-based varnish
  • Ideal to use dry kibble and treats only
  • Helps with mental stimulation and help with anxiety and boredom
  • Comes with four cylinders, five hats and three layers
  • Inspected and approved by the Animal Welfare Compartment and meets the requirements by the Australian Animal Protection Law
  • Suitable for medium to large dog breeds

Help keep your dog mentally stimulated while keeping boredom and anxiety away with My Intelligent Pet Interactive Dog Toys. Each toy in My Intelligent Pet are made using certified wood with a water-based varnish that is human and pet safe, and each puzzle toy is uniquely designed to encourage your pet to test his skills at reaching the treats. 

Smile is a happy shaped puzzle toy that allows you to adjust the difficulty to your dog's needs based on how many layers you use. It comes with four cylinders, five hats, and three stackable smile layers with rope handles. This toy encourages your dog to remove the layers to reach the cylinders and hats; then your dog must remove the cylinders then slide the hats to reach for the goodies underneath them. Smile is suitable for medium to large dog breeds and works best with dry kibble or treats. 

Smile Interactive Puzzle Toy has been inspected and approved by the Animal Welfare Compartment and meets the requirements by the Australian Animal Protection Law. Please see the specifications tab for measurements and further information. 

Smile Toy Measurements

26x26x4.5 cm (10.2x10.2x1.77")

Please supervise your dog at all times with this toy and inspect before and after use, if any parts become damaged or separated, please remove the toy away from your dog. Once your dog is done with the puzzle, praise your best friend, then remove the toy away until it is time to use it again. If it is your dog's first time using the toy you will have to show them how it works, it is recommended that you put the toy on the easiest of difficulty and show how the toy work by lifting the panels/cylinders/hats and use tasty, smelly treats to help with the learning process. 

Please wash the toy and parts with a damp cloth and do not use cleaners on the product. Do not use soft or wet food/treats when using the product.