Marshall Premium Ferret Litter 4.5 kg (10 lb.)

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  • Excellent odour control
  • Up to 400% more absorbant than clay litters
  • Made of 100% Recycled paper
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Dust-free and non-allergenic

Marshall Premium Ferret Litter 4.5 kg (10 lb.) is the ferret owner's choice for quality and best performing litter.

Ferrets use the litter pan frequently, usually every 2-3 hours, and require a litter that has incredible absorbency and odour control.

Marshall Premium Ferret Litter delivers by controlling ferret odours better than most clay or wood based litters. Made of natural paper fibers and combined with special odour control ingredients, make a perfect team to neutralize ammonia odours instantly. You'll notice a difference right away.

The specially processed recycled paper fibers can absorb up to 400% more than other wood or clay based litters. The litter comes processed into 1/2" hard cylinder pellets that absorb liquids & odours, won't break apart when wet, or build up on the bottom of the litter pan. This leaves your ferrets habitat much cleaner, healthier and easy to maintain.

The soiled ferret litter can even be flushed in small amounts (3-6 oz.). Because it's biodegradable, the litter can also be composted, incinerated or used as landscaping mulch.

The litter formula is dust-free and will not cause upper respiratory stress or sneezing in your ferret, like other litters may. Marshall Premium Ferret Litter is non-allergenic and highly recommended if your ferret has had surgery and is in postoperative care, because it won't stick, irritate or track.


  • Only a small amount of ferret litter is needed because of how powerful it absorbs.
  • Layer about a 2-3 cm (1") layer on the bottom of your ferret's litter pan.
  • Skim the litter daily to remove solid wastes and keep remaining litter fresh.
  • Add new ferret litter as needed.
  • Fully clean your litter pan weekly or as necessary.
  • Keep your unused ferret litter stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Made of 100% Recycled paper