Marina Aquarium Gravel - Dark Blue

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  • Epoxy-coated
  • Dust free
  • Will not affect water chemistry or harm your fish
  • Excellent substrate for natural plants
  • Provides solid ground for securing accessories such as ornaments
  • For fresh water and saltwater aquariums
  • Size of pebbles: 4-7mm (0.15"-0.3" )

Add some colour to your aquarium with Marina Decorative Gravel. This gravel is epoxy-coated, which makes the gravel inert and prevents any adverse effects on water chemistry. Research shows that epoxy-coated gravel provides an optimum surface for the colonization of beneficial bacteria, which in turn provide biological filtration for clear and healthy water. The gravel is dust free and is available in a wide variety of colours. For fresh water and saltwater aquariums.

Gravel Cleaning Instructions

Pour gravel into a bucket or fine colander and rinse with water to remove any debris caused during transport,

Important: Never use soap or detergent.