Living World Critter Playtime Playpen

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  • Easy to set up playpen
  • No tools required
  • Nearly 10 square feet of additional space
  • 10 Wire panels, with 1.27 cm (½") spacing
  • Expands pet scenery
  • For indoors or outdoors

The Living World Critter Playtime Playpen is a portable barrier for small animals that can be set up in minutes, indoors or out.

If your small animal needs a change of scenery, or just a chance to look beyond his habitat, then the Critter Playtime Playpen might be your solution. With nearly 10 square feet to move around in, your small animal will love the chance to roam around and play. Designed for non-jumping small animals, like hamsters, guinea pigs and gerbil, this playpen will keep them in the 23 cm (9") high walls. 

This easy to set up playpen requires no tools and can be set up in minutes to give your pet some room to roam.

A change of scenery, like going outside or into another room, gives you the chance to interact with your pet in a whole new way. The kit includes 10 panels that hook together to create a secure and safe place for your pet to play. The blue and green epoxy-coated iron panels are durable, perfect for travelling and a great way to expand your pet's scenery.

Living World Critter Playtime Playpen Kit Includes:

  • 10 Wire Panels (5 Green, 5 Blue)
  • Each epoxy-coated panel is 34.3 cm x 22.9 cm (13½"x 9")
  • Wire Spacing is 1.27 cm (½")
  • Fully assembled, the Playtime unit creates 9.74 Sq. Ft. of space


  • Supervise your pet when using this playpen
  • Remove pet if you notice significant deterioration in this product