Living World TreeHouse Real Wood Logs

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  • Made of all natural wood
  • Non-toxic and safe to chew on
  • Healthy for teeth
  • Assembled with dowels, not nails
  • can be shaped into a playground or a shelter
  • Suitable for hamsters, gerbils and mice

Living World's Treehouse Real Wood Small Logs are great building materials that small animals love.

These flexible wood sticks can be carved and gnawed by your pet, safely, just the way they are or can be shaped in to a fun playground to hide in. The Treehouse Logs are made of all natural wood and assembled together, using a non-toxic glue and dowels.

There are no nails or toxic chemicals used, making the logs safe for your pet to chew on. Chewing the wood, keeps small pet teeth healthy and helps satisfy their natural chewing instincts.

Living World TreeHouse Real Wood Log Sizes:

Size Suitable for: Number of Logs  Individual Log Dimensions - width is approximate
Small hamsters, gerbils and mice 17 10 cm x 1.3 cm x 1.3 cm (4"x ½"x ½")
Medium rats, chinchillas and guinea pigs 15 17 cm x 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm (6¾"x ¾"x ¾")
Large rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs 21 30 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm (11.8"x 1"x 1")