Living World Corn Shaped Mineral Stone

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  • Source of calcium
  • Helps trim teeth
  • keeps teeth healthy
  • Adds salt and minerals to regular diet
  • Net Wt. 37 g (1.4 oz)

The Living World Corn Shaped Mineral Stone for Small Animals 37 g (1.4 oz) is an excellent source of calcium and beneficial to small animal's on seed based diets.

In addition to the calcium benefits, chewing on the corn shaped mineral stone will help keep your pet rodent's teeth healthy and trim. Living world mineral stone is safe to give along with your regular pet diet food for all small animals like; hamsters, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice and rabbits.

Feeding guide:

  • Add the corn shaped mineral stone to your pet's habitat allowing them free access. 
  • Use in addition to your pet's regular diet. 
  • Have drinking water available at all times for your small animal.

North American Ingredients:

Calcium sulphate, oyster shell meal, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, salt and artificial colours

North America Guarantees Analysis:

Calcium min. 20 %
Phosphorous min. 0.002%
Salt min. 0.03%

EU Ingredients:

Calcium sulphate, ground oyster shell, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, sodium chlorite

  • Contains EEC permitted colourant

EU Declaration: Typical Analysis

Calcium  200,000 mg/kg
Phosphorus 200 mg/kg
Sodium Chloride 300 mg/kg