Living World Adjustable Collar and Leash for Hamsters

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  • Includes hamster lead and harness
  • Snag-proof, durable nylon
  • Custom slides to fit hamster perfectly
  • Keeps your hamster safe and won't excessively tighten if pulled
  • Quick release snap to remove harness with ease

The Living World Adjustable Collar and Leash for Hamsters is a safe lead to use when exercising your hamster outside of its' cage.

The harness is made of comfortable and durable nylon material that's snag-proof and won't tighten around your hamster when scratched or snagged. The harness is equipped with adjustable slides, for a quick custom fit on your hamster and has a quick-release snap to remove it with ease. You can feel safe leading your hamster around to exercise, knowing that he can't go too far.

  • Colour: Red


  • Gently place the smaller loop of the lead around the hamsters neck.
  • Carefully slide the rubber sleeve down until the collar portion fits around the hamster's neck (secure, but not too tight). 
  • While you are supervising, let your hamster exercise. 
  • You can either gently hold the leash while they exercise or allow it to trail behind them, so you can respond if they try to escape under a sofa or appliance.


  • This hamster lead set can help prevent access to such hiding places, but don't use the leash to retrieve a hiding hamster.
  • A reluctant or scared hamster can usually free themselves from a collar because of their abundant loose skin.
  • Never tie your hamster to a fixed object and leave unsupervised on this lease at any time.
  • Inspect your collar and leach regularly for signs of damage or wear.