Living World Lock & Crock Small Pet Dish

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  • Locking Dish that won't spill
  • Made of durable, chew-resistant plastic
  • Can be positioned in elevated spot in vertical and horizontal wire cages.
  • Locking device allows for easy release, filling, and cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe

The Living World Lock & Crock Small Pet Dish is a space-saving, lockable, dish that attaches to your cage.

This pet dish is made of an extra-thick, chew-resistant plastic that's dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The crock-style dish is designed to attach to both vertical and horizontal wire cages and can even be placed in elevated positions. Once secured, the Lock & Crock won't twist, tip, or turn, eliminating food and water spills. This is a great space saving option and it can be detached easily with the locking device to fill, or clean.

The Lock & Crock Dish can also be used for birds.

Size Colour Diameter Dimensions Capacity
Small Burgundy 8.9 cm (3½") 8.9 cm x 15.6 cm x 3.5 cm (3½" x 6?????????" x 1?????????") 177 mL (6 oz)
Large Olive Green 12 cm (4¾") 12 cm x 18.7 cm x 7.6 cm (4¾"x 7?????????"x 3") 591 mL (20 oz)