LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connector

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  • Durable, safe way to attach pet ID tags
  • Makes it easy to switch tags out or put on to different collars
  • Help minimize jingling from multiple tags
  • Recommended by vets
  • Can mix and match colours for additional options
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Made in the USA

LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connectors are a safe, colourful option for keeping your pet's ID tags organized and easy to change to a different collar. These connectors are recommended by vets as they are secure, comfortable, and easy to use for attaching and switching out ID tags. The locking technology ensures that your pet's ID tags won't fall off and get lost, even for strong and active dogs (tested to hold 58 lbs and be opened and closed over 50,000 times). The unique diamond shape also minimizes the jingling noise made from multiple tags bumping each other. It is lightweight and compact, meaning it won't interfere with your pet's playing, eating, or other day-to-day activities.

Available in a variety of colours. You can also mix and match LINKS-IT Connectors colours for even more options. Made in the USA and measure 0.9"W x 0.9"H x 0.3"D.