Life Force Nature Dog Aromatherapy Kit

by Life Force
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  • Pure essential oil kit for dogs during camping, travel, hiking or outdoor activities
  • Uses a combination of catnip, geranium, lavender and citronella essential oils
  • Protects your dog from insects that bite such as mosquitoes, black flies (excluding ticks)
  • Chemical, pesticide and deet free
  • Diffuser clip attaches to the dog's collar
  • Intended for dogs over six months of age - Not safe for cats
  • Kit includes: Nature Dog essential oil blend (5 ml), ten clay tablets, and one diffuser tag
  • Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Made in Canada

Keep flying insects away from your best friend while enjoying the great outdoors with Life Force Nature Dog Aromatherapy Kit. The Kit contains a 5 ml bottle of Nature Dog essential oil that is a mixture of catnip, geranium, lavender and citronella that helps protects your dog from insects that bite such as mosquitoes and black flies (excluding ticks) without the use of chemicals, pesticides or deet. The kit comes with ten clay tablets that absorb the essential oils and slips inside the waterproof diffuser that attaches onto any collar that has a D-ring.

The kit is ideal to use during camping, hiking, travel or any outdoor adventure. Suitable for dog's over six months of ages (not safe for cats); Please see the specifications tab for more information, made in Canada. 

Directions for Use:

Add one drop ofLife Force Nature Dog Aromatherapy oil onto the included natural clay tablets. Slip the tablet inside the diffuser tag and clip it onto your dog's collar.


Not intended for topical use, for dogs under six months of age, or use on cats. This product is also not meant to be used to repel ticks.

A proprietary blend of pure essential oils of catnip, geranium, lavender and citronella.