Le Salon Essentials Dog Nail Trimmer

by Le Salon
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  • Nail guard to prevent any trimming accidents
  • Cuts quickly and even
  • Ideal for the general nail grooming of most dog breeds
  • Precise cutting

Le Salon Essentials Dog Nail Trimmer is a safe and easy nail clipper used for sharp and precise nail cutting.

Can be used for all small, medium or large sized dog breeds.

Le Salon Essentials Dog Grooming Products provide a full range of grooming tools and accessories for dogs. Choose from a wide variety of brushes, combs and grooming accessories in an assortment of styles and sizes. Groom pets regularly to ensure a healthy and trouble-free coat.

Le Salon Essentials Dog Nail Trimmer Specs

  • Colour: Red handle
  • Size: 14 cm x 5 cm (5 1/2" x 2")


  • Inspect nails to locate the "quick," or blood vessel.
  • On light coloured nails, the quick is found at the broader base portion of the nail. Usually, it's pink and easily visible.
  • Only trim the tips of nail on dark nails.
  • Press thumb above the claw, holding the skin and fur out the the way to prevent the claw from withdrawing into its sheath.
  • Place nail in groove of Le Salon Essential Dog Nail Trimmer.
  • Squeeze handle and cut in one smooth stroke.
  • Regularly clipping your dog's nails will cause the blood vessel to retreat over time, and reduce the rist of accidental bleeding.
  • Always keep a cauterizing substance close-by while trimming nails (such as Hagen Antiseptic First aid Cream) to stop bleeding in case of an accidents.
  • Regular nail clipping is recommended for most pets.