Laguna Power Filter Spillway

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  • Filter used a the beginning of waterfalls
  • Provides mechanical and biological filtration (biological media sold separately)
  • Can be installed in or above ground
  • Professional grade fiberglass
  • Designed for durabilirt and longlasting
  • 2 years manufacturer's guarantee
  • Spillway: 14½" (37 cm)
  • For pongs up to 1000 US gal (3785 L)

Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway is a simple, easy to use filter that can be used at the beginning of waterfalls. This filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration as water flows through filter foam, biomedia (sold separately) and then flows through the spillway. Completely filtered water then exits the unit over a 37 cm (14-1/2 in) wide spillway in stunning waterfall fashion

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