Laguna Max-Flo / PowerJet 1350 Pump Motor

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  • Suitable for Max-Flo / PowerJet 1350 Pumps (PT-8240 & PT-8208)
  • Reorder number: PT-395

Laguna Max-Flo / PowerJet 1350 Pump Motor is suitable for Max-Flo 1350 Pump (PT8240) and PowerJet 1350 (PT8208)

Max-Flow 1350 Replacement Parts

Diagram Letter Reorder Number Product Name
a PT446 Pump Cage
b PT447 Pivot Pin Fasteners
c PT638 Click-Fit Coupling
d PT640 Universal Fast Coupling
e PT764 Seal Ring
f PT465 Impeller Assembly
g PT739 Impeller Cover

Max-Flo 1350 Parts

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