Laguna 5000 PowerFlo Filter Falls

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  • Mechanical, chemical and biological filtration
  • Built for lasting and durable performance
  • Easy maintenance - Removable filter media with built-in handles
  • Contains 4 threaded hose connections in spillway
  • Reinforced lid supports up to 400 lbs. 
  • For ponds up to 5000 US gallons (18,925 L)
  • Ideal with Powerflo Skimmer Filter 5000 for ponds up 10,000 US gallons
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Laguna Filter Falls provides superior filtration with its built in spray bar for oxygenating the water, then passing through a three brush filters before it finally passes through its three media-containing chambers. Providing the essential mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for superior water quality. It also provides easy maintainance with features such as the built in handles for the filter media to minimize hassle. Lastly, the Filter Falls provides attractive water falls with four threaded spillways to create additional and remote waterfalls or streams. Crafted with injection-molded plastic, this Filter Falls is designed for long-lasting and durability. 

Additional Information

1. Reinforced lid supports up to 400 lbs. 
2. Lid hands & locks with padlock holes
3. Built-in safety overflow
4. Spray bar for oygenating pond water
5. 3 mechanical hanging brush filters
6. Drain fitting
7. Large chambers for mechanical, biological and chemical filter media. Each chamber includes handle for easy removal.
8. Heavy duty injection molded construction for extra durability
9. Threaded bulkheads (4) allow additional hose connections for creating waterfalls, streams, or connecting to other pond equipment
10. 19" (28 cm) wide spillway creates an attractive waterfall

How It Works 

1. Water enters the first filter chamber
2. Three hanging mechanical brush filters trap and prevent debris from entering the three larger capacity chambers
3. Water filters through three mechanical, biological, and/or chemical filter media chambers
4. Clean and healthy water returns to pond via a 19" wide spillway, creating a stunning waterfall 



Filter Falls 5000

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