Kurgo Auto Zip Line

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  • Zip line restrains dogs in vehicle yet allows movement
  • Compatible with any vehicle or for use outdoors
  • Includes zip line & short tether with carabiner
  • Easy to attach to any two fixed points within reach
  • Harness not included
  • Recommended for small to large dog breeds

The Kurgo Auto Zip Line can be secured by attaching the ends to any two fixed points in your vehicle. This way, your dog will be restrained to the back seat so you can keep distractions to a minimum while driving.

There are hooks on either end of the adjustable zip line that can be attached anywhere inside a car, truck, boat, or outdoors (i.e. interior handles, seatbelts, two picnic benches). A short tether is included that attaches your dog's harness to the zip line via a sturdy carabiner. The carabiner can then glide smoothly back and forth along the zip line and allow your dog to sit and stand, as desired, to provide a safe amount of movement while in the vehicle. The tether doubles as a short leash to keep hold of your dog as he climbs in and out of the vehicle.

The Kurgo Auto Zip Line includes:

  • zip line
  • short leash/tether
  • carabiner
  • (harness not included)