Kurgo Dog Car Seats

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  1. Kurgo Heather Bench Seat Cover
    Kurgo Heather Bench Seat Cover
    Our Price: $80.99
  2. Kurgo Rover Dog Hammock
    Kurgo Rover Dog Hammock
    Our Price: $86.99
  3. Kurgo No Slip Grip Bench Seat Cover
    Kurgo No Slip Grip Bench Seat Cover
    Our Price: $96.99
  4. Kurgo Extended Bench Seat Cover - Charcoal Grey
    Kurgo Bench Seat Cover - Extended Width
    Our Price: $73.99
  5. Kurgo Skybox Rear Dog Car Seat
    Kurgo Skybox Rear Dog Car Seat
    Our Price: $125.99
  6. Kurgo Heather Half Dog Hammock
    Kurgo Heather Half Dog Hammock
    Our Price: $89.99
  7. Kurgo Rover Bucket Seat Cover
    Kurgo Rover Bench Seat Cover
    Our Price: $66.99
  8. Dog in booster seat
    Kurgo Rover Dog Booster Seat
    Our Price: $74.99
  9. Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat
    Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat
    Our Price: $90.99

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Kurgo Dog Car Seats

You want your dog to ride sidekick with you on a road trip. In fact, you’d be lost without your furry friend. When preparing for any journey with your canine companion, you’ll want to invest in a Kurgo dog car seat for added safety and comfort. Not only will your pooch have a dedicated seat so he won't be a distraction while you are driving, but the raised seats help smaller dogs get a better view of the world passing by.

Even if you use a seatbelt for dogs and harnesses, you should still consider using a Kurgo dog car seat cover to protect your upholstery. The durable fabrics help protect your car from dog hair, sharp claws, drool, and mud.

Reserve an area of your auto just for your canine buddy. The Kurgo pet hammock car seat cover for pets is specially designed to protect all sides of your seat. It is waterproof and stain resistant. The gusseted flaps provide easy access, so you can use the auto’s seat belt to latch to the dog’s harness. The hammock attaches to the car’s headrests using connection points. Your pup can sit on the right or left side of the bench seats. There are even built-in storage pockets where you can hold treats, toys, bowls, and more dog gear.

The Kurgo backseat dog bridge car seat extender protects the upholstery in large trucks and SUVs from dirt, debris, and stains. Made of waterproof fabric, the seat cover is machine washable. Attach the cover in both the front and rear to hold it securely in place. The car seat extender has a variety of access points for a car seat, seat belt, or pet restraint. Built-in pockets let you pack a variety of dog gear.

With the Kurgo skybox car booster seat for dogs you can give your little buddy the view he has been dreaming about. The doggy booster seat is fully padded, and there is a built-in tether that hooks to your dog’s harness. It is made of waterproof material and is easy to clean.

The booster seat works in any bucket seat. Choose a Kurgo pet car seat that works for your doggos size and needs. Whether you opt for a full car seat or a car seat cover, you’ll find the perfect one to fit your needs in the Kurgo dog car seat line.

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