KONG Cat Toys & Treats

With these KONG cat toys, you can make sure your cat's laser catching skills are on point, add excitement to playtime with a little catnip, or give your kitty a new plush cuddle buddy. No age limits apply here - these toys will make a kitten's eyes light up and bring out the inner kitten in any grumpy old cat.

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  1. KONG Connects Window Teaser
    KONG Connects Window Teaser
    Our Price: $13.49
  2. KONG Naturals Premium Catnip 56.7 g (2 oz.)
    KONG Naturals Premium Catnip
    Our Price: $11.99
  3. KONG Wrangler AvoCATo
    KONG Wrangler AvoCATo
    List Price: $12.49 Our Price: $10.99 Our Price: $10.99 You Save: $1.50 (12%)
  4. KONG Stellar Teaser
    KONG Stellar Teaser
    Our Price: $13.49
  5. KONG Pull-A-Partz Pinata
    KONG Pull-A-Partz Pinata
    Our Price: $10.99
  6. KONG Softies Buzzy Llama
    KONG Softies Buzzy Llama
    Our Price: $10.99
  7. KONG Connects Switch Teaser Pinwheel
    KONG Connects Switch Teaser Pinwheel
    Our Price: $16.99
  8. Kong Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher
    KONG Naturals Incline Cat Scratcher
    Our Price: $15.99
  9. KONG Enchanted Buzzy Unicorn Cat Toy
    KONG Enchanted Buzzy Unicorn Cat Toy
    Our Price: $10.99
  10. KONG Wrangler Cactus
    KONG Wrangler Cactus
    Our Price: $10.99
  11. KONG Laser Teaser Ribbons
    KONG Laser Teaser Ribbons
    Our Price: $13.49
  12. KONG Cat Wubba Caticorn
    KONG Cat Wubba Caticorn
    Our Price: $11.99
  13. KONG Teaser Purrsuit Butterfly
    KONG Teaser Purrsuit Butterfly
    Our Price: $19.49
  14. KONG Laser Teasers - Characters
    KONG Laser Teasers - Characters
    Our Price: $15.49
    Temporarily Out of Stock
  15. KONG Connects Switch Teaser Feathers
    KONG Connects Switch Teaser Feathers
    Our Price: $16.99

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Shop KONG Cat Toys in Canada

KONG toys satisfy cats’ natural instincts to stalk, hunt and capture while delivering a healthy dose of exercise. Offering everything from feather and crinkle toys to laser pointers, KONG has everything you need to keep your cat occupied and entertained. 

For some interactive play, check out the KONG Cat Active Laser Toy or the Connects Window Teaser, which can be fastened to your door or window. 

Looking for a fun toy filled with irresistible catnip? Our KONG selection offers plenty of refillable toys your cat will love. Check out some of our favourites like the refillable hedgehog or beaver, both machine washable and include catnip to get you started. Run out of the good stuff? KONG has refills of all-natural premium catnip, too!

Check out our large selection of cat toys including teasers & wands, plush toys, and more.