K&H Pet Gray Pet Bed Warmer

by K&H
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  • Electrical pet bed warmer
  • Energy-efficient - can maintain temperatures of 38°C (102°F)
  • Will keep your pet's bed warm for long periods of time.
  • Has a 5.5 ft cord and is available in a variety of sizes.
  • For indoor use only

The K&H Pet Gray Pet Bed Warmer is an electric warmer that will keep your pet's indoor bed cozy. This energy-efficient warmer uses a vinyl exterior with a 5.5 ft cord that will warm up to 38°C (102°F) while consuming minimal power while in use. 

When the pet bed warmer is placed inside your pet's bed, it will keep that specific area warm all day and provide your cat or dog with constant warmth. This warmer is recommended to be used for indoor purposes only. Please see the specifications tab for more information, available in a variety of sizes.



Size Measurements Watts
Small 21.5x21.5 cm (8.5x8.5") 4 watts
Medium 13.9x50.8 cm (5.5x20") 6 watts

Washing Instructions

Unplug and take the pet bed warmer out of your pet's pet bed. Gently wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. Do not place was product in the washing machine.


Other Information

To test the product before using it for your pet, please insert the bed warmer in your pet's bed, plug it in and place a large-sized pillow on top of the pet bed. Feel the pillow after twenty minutes to feel the warmth. Pillow should not be hot; please do not use an extension cord during the test. 

The pet bed warmer should always be inserted into the pet's bed before use. The warmer will reach around 38°C (102°F) once your pet rests on its bed. There should be at least 1.27 cm (1/2") of padding between your pet and the heater. The warmer can be plugged in all day, but it is advised to unplug the warmer if you go on vacation or leave the house for a long time.

This product should only be used for indoor use and never outside or in a garage; it is recommended to use K&H outdoor heating products for outdoor and garage use. Please do not use an extension cord with the product.